icc8 failed on 4.10: Illegal instruction

Tod McQuillin devin at spamcop.net
Tue Dec 28 23:31:31 PST 2004

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, Igor Sysoev wrote:

> (gdb) disassemble $eip
> ...
> 0x80b13d3 <__intel_proc_init_ftzdaz+75>:        mov    0x2c(%esp,1),%esi
> 0x80b13d7 <__intel_proc_init_ftzdaz+79>:        stmxcsr (%esp,1)
> 0x80b13db <__intel_proc_init_ftzdaz+83>:        mov    (%esp,1),%eax
> ...
> (gdb)
> Strange, the code in __intel_proc_init_ftzdaz looks like the right code.
> Right now I can not say from what extention "stmxcsr" come from.
> Here is the features from dmesg:

Google seems to indicate it's an SSE instruction.

Do you have 'options CPU_ENABLE_SSE' in your kernel config?
Tod McQuillin

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