DMA errors with SATA on 5.x [one fix]/ SATA DVD+RW

Rob rob at
Wed Dec 15 04:26:25 PST 2004

Peter Radcliffe wrote:

> Rob <rob at> probably said:
>>Yes, if there is a solution that doesn't require me to tear apart my
>>computer I would prefer that, haha.  It was an incredible pain
>>routing all the cables and such with the dual scsi 160's in there.
>>But I would be happy to donate money if needed.  I use PayPal also,
>>but could send check.
> I'm organising with Søren to get some hardware to him, a SATA ATAPI CD
> burner and money for an appropriate disk that supports the new
> features he wants to work on.  Total of about US$160.
> If anyone would like to contribute a little towards it, feel free to
> paypal me at this address :)
> (might want to reply to this to the list if you do, I don't want
> people to send me a total of more money than I spent).
> P.
Hi Peter,  you can count me in for $50.  Will send it here in the next 
couple of hours or so.  On a humorous note, I keep getting these emails 
from *supposedly*  EBay and Paypal telling me that my account is about 
to be closed due to hackers infiltrating their system.  LOL  And the 
email senders' addresses come from ".ro"  LOL  They always want to 
redirect me to a site where I can enter in all my personal info.


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