5.3R crashing repeateadly

Cristóvão Dalla Costa cbraga at desnormal.com.br
Wed Dec 8 19:42:25 PST 2004

Hello, this is just to report back that disabling hyper-threading in the 
BIOS made the problem go away completely. I'm sorry I didn't generate a 
core dump but because I installed four swap partitions each with half 
the size of the RAM and the handbook says I needed one swap partition 
with at least the same size, and I don't have the time to fiddle with 
partitions now.

Thanks for the help,


Mike Tancsa wrote:

> At 08:15 PM 08/12/2004, Cristóvão Dalla Costa wrote:
>> I've disabled SMP with the kern.smp.disabled=1 sysctl and I'll see 
>> what happens next. Strangely though the kernel seems to think the 
>> system has only one cpu despite it being hyperthreaded:
> You want to turn HT off in the BIOS.  The scheduler will not make use 
> of it, and in fact will most likely hurt performance.
>         ---Mike
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