Linux ABI compatibility patch that fixes at least 1 app.

Travis Poppe tlp at
Mon Dec 6 16:29:57 PST 2004


A week or so ago I submitted a patch as a problem report to 'kern' that
returns 'ENOSYS' for all UNIMPL Linux syscalls. To the best of the
author's knowledge (the author of the patch), this is the way it should
be done and this is how Linux behaves.

With this patch, it is possible to get the Linux version of Cedega
(formerly known as WineX) to play a few Windows games on FreeBSD.
Much more work is needed to have complete support, but this patch is the
first step.

( see ) 

I was wondering if anyone could look at it, possibly commit it, or tell
me if anything needs to be changed so I can get back to the author of
the patch?


My e-mail client added a newline character that screwed up the synopsis.
Please correct this if possible (put the Unformatted text back into the


-Travis Poppe

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