4.x can't read 5.x dump?

freebsd-stable at auscert.org.au freebsd-stable at auscert.org.au
Wed Dec 1 16:49:18 PST 2004


I'm backing up a 5.x machine at the moment with this command:

dump -0Lau -b128 -f - /var | gzip -2 | ssh FreeBSD4 dd of=aacd0s1f.gz

After the dump finishes, I try to read the file on the 4.x destination:

# gzip -dc aacd0s1a.gz | restore -ivf -
Verify tape and initialize maps
Tape is not a dump tape

I can scp the file back to the 5.x machine and it loads just fine, so what
gives? This type of failure is somewhat scary for me right now, given that
I may have to restore files to another destination that may not be 5.x

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