key_verify failed for server_host_key solution

Mark Boolootian booloo at
Tue Aug 17 11:55:40 PDT 2004


I found that SSH broke after an upgrade to 4.10 stable.  The
problem I saw was the same one reported by Daren Desjardins
back in March.  The symptom is a client failing to establish a
connection with the complaint:

  key_verify failed for server_host_key

The culprit turns out to be a problem in libcrypto that is tickled 
by too aggressive optimization settings.

When building 4.10, my make.conf included:

  CFLAGS= -O -pipe -funroll-loops -ffast-math
  COPTFLAGS= -O -pipe -funroll-loops -ffast-math

By removing both the unroll-loops and fast-math optimizations,
and rebuilding libcrypto, the problem disappears.  For anyone
unfamiliar with rebuilding libcrypto, the following should do the

  cd /usr/src/secure/lib/libcrypto
  make clean
  make obj && make depend && make all install


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