why the command of "who" dosen't work while i login through xdm

=?gb2312?q?leo?= trampeagle at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Aug 12 20:43:19 PDT 2004

The version of FreeBSD I use is 4.10.

After I login the system through the xdm from a remote
machine which runs the simulated X terminal.I start
the kde enviornment in the .xsession file under the ~/
 directory. after the kde started.I open konsole of
kde(version 1.3.2) and type the command of who, and
the konsole tells me that there nobody login to the
system. neither i can see anybody has logined the
system in the local terminal.It's a surpring

Later, strange thing occurs again. I click the "Run
Command" in the KDE menu and start the xterm, this
time the who works correctly also can it work
correctly both in the konsole of and in the local

The files i have changed is the xdm-config and the
Xaccess, in the first one, I comment the line of
"DisplayManager.requestPort 0" to enable the listening
and in the last one i uncomment the asterisk * to
allow anyone login through the xdm. 
but when I login the system as root, the who works
correctly again. I don't start the kde environment,
just simply use the twm,it starts the terminal of

What i have wrote in the .xsession is like follow:
export PATH=.:/................
export CLICOLOR="exdx......"

Could somebody tell me why these things happen? is
there any wrong with KDE?
Thank in advance.

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