FreeBSD 4.9 / Supermicro 7043P-8R / Crashes After 2-5 Minutes Of Uptime

Gustafson, Tim tjg at
Wed Apr 7 08:43:54 PDT 2004

> Definitely i would suggest running memtest86 on it for a bit [at
> least 24 hours], but with the ECC, memory errors would have to
> be gross to be noticeable.


Thanks for your response, and thanks to Doug White for his response too.

I got no other information on a serial console or on the regular VGA console
other than syncing disks and the usual shutdown messages.

I removed all memory and tried new memory in both 2GB and 4GB amounts.  I
have removed both processors in turn.  Neither of these helped at all.

I downloaded a copy of 5.2.1 and installed it onto the machine and it seems
to be operating smoothly, for the moment.

Once I was able to keep the machine running under 5.2.1 for more than 5
minutes, I downloaded and installed memtest and ran it.  It is behaving a
little oddly.  It will run if I specify 4M of memory, or 128M of memory, but
gets an immediate page fault if I specify 512M, 1G, 2G or 4G of memory.
Coincidently, it gets NO errors when run under 4M or 128M.

I suspect this might be because I have an "old" 5.2.1 kernel and userland.
So, just to be sure, I am now cvsuping my /usr/src and I'm going to do a
make (build|install)world and I'll rebuild the kernel for good measure as
well, just to be sure.

Once all that is done, I will re-run memtest and see what happens.

Thanks for your suggestion!


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