4.9 stability update

Ceri Davies setantae at submonkey.net
Mon Sep 22 03:11:15 PDT 2003

On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 02:38:58PM +0100, Ceri Davies wrote:
> > Scott Long wrote:
> > > All,
> > > 
> > > We'd like to get a new poll on the stability and readiness of 4.9.  The
> > > belief is that the last of the PAE-induced instability was resolved on
> > > August 31.  Is anyone still experiencing unusual crashes, corruption,
> > > etc, on a system that is running with up-to-date sources?  Now is the
> > > time to speak up and get the problems resolved so that we can make the
> > > deadline by next weekend.  Any new testing would be highly appreciated,
> > > especially in reduced-memory configurations and of course >4GB PAE
> > > configurations.
> I have a machine with 20MB of memory which consistently panics when running
> "portsdb -Uu".  So far I haven't captured one with a matching debug kernel,
> a situation which I've now corrected.  One thing of note is that so far all
> the vmcores have been exactly the same size (a number which I also forget at
> present).  Now that I've gotten the machine setup with a debug kernel and
> matching source I'm going to trigger a few panics and post results here. That
> will take a while (~5 hours per panic; it's a slow machine).

False alarm; this seems to be corrected with an up to date build.


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