Request for FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE: PLEASE include this patch to BIND and turn it on by default

Doug Barton DougB at
Thu Sep 18 02:14:44 PDT 2003

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I've commented on this a couple times already, but it's probably worth
stating again.

If a proper patch is available for bind 9, from the ISC, it'll be
included in the port.

If a proper patch is available for bind 8, from the ISC, it'll be
included in HEAD, the ports, and MFC'ed asap.

Whether any of the above happens before 4.9-RELEASE or not is partly up
to the timing of said patches, and partly up to the judgement of the re
and portmgr teams as to whether or not the patches have had sufficient
time to mature.

Under no circumstances will any of the available options be enabled by
default. FreeBSD's philosophy has always been "Tools, not policy," and I
can't think of a better example of when this is a good idea.

Doug (BIND maintainer)

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