4.9 is now available

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Wed Oct 29 22:49:38 PST 2003

Dan Strick wrote:
> It turns out that 4.9 CD, which produces the message
> 	1. FD 2.88MB System Type-(0f)
> and fails to boot correctly, does this on only one of my systems, a
> very new machine with an ATAPI CD drive on a Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard
> and AWARD BIOS.  It is the only bootable CD of perhaps a dozen that
> I have tried on this PC that has failed.  For example, the FreeBSD
> 5.1-RELEASE CD boots correctly on this new machine.
> The 4.9 CD boots correctly on one of my older machines that has a SCSI
> CD drive connected to an Adaptec 2940AU.
> I did not attempted to burn and boot any of the 4.9 pre-release CDs
> or any older FreeBSD release on either machine.

5.x uses an entirely different mechanism to make the CD bootable.  The
mechanism used in 4.x is similar to what Microsoft used for the Windows
95/98 CD's (Emulated El-Torito), while 5.x uses a similar mechanism as
Windows 2000/XP (Non-Emulated El-Torito).  Since Microsoft only requires
support for the second method in order to award the MS logo, I suspect
that support for the first method is starting to die out in mainstream


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