FreeBSD and Serial ATA support

Rumen Telbizov altares at
Wed Oct 29 02:27:31 PST 2003

Hi List,

Maybe this has been already discussed but it is very important
for me.

I will be setting up a 4.9 server these days on a motherboard
with Serial ATA controllers and with Serial ATA discs.
I was reading about the support of Serial ATA in 4.x
but could not find a clear answer if my motherboard controllers
are supported under FreeBSD.

The motherboard is:
Asus P4 P800-VM Intel 865G 800FSB/4GB and
the discs are Seagate 80GB Serial ATA 8MB cache.

Is this hardware going to work under FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE
in Serial ATA mode?

I am even more confused about this serial
ata 'support' because says that
it is supposed to be transparent to the OS!

Another question I have is:
The motherboard has 2 UltraATA 100 controllers which
can be used (if serial ata controllers are not supported)
with serial ata discs with the aid of a convertor (PATA to SATA).
Are these UltraATA 100 controllers supported? Has anyone set up
that kind of configuration under FreeBSD 4.x(9) ?

I would appreciate all your comments.

Thank you in advance.

Rumen Telbizov

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