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Dan Langille dan at
Fri Oct 17 06:49:31 PDT 2003


Last night I did a buildworld.  This morning I found this:

$ cd
-bash: cd: /home/dan: Device not configured

looking at /, it was empty.

$ ls /home/
ls: /home/: Device not configured

Looking at the console, I found this:

I rebooted.  The system couldn't find the disk.  I replaced the IDE 
drive.  Still no disk.  Checked the BIOS.  The disk wasn't listed so 
I added it.  I also deactivated the floppy because it had been 
removed yesterday.

A reboot was fine.  fsck went OK.  All seems well now.

I'm doing another buildworld, building some ports, and running cvsup 
on my ports tree to create disk activity.

When that finishes, I'm going to run the manufacturer's test program 
on the drive to see if any problems are found.

Was this a hardware failure?  System failure?  Any recommended 
courses of action?

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Dan Langille :

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