Firewire on STABLE: Sane for drive-based backups?

plasma plasmaball at
Mon Oct 13 17:50:42 PDT 2003

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 06:02:09PM -0500, Stephen Hilton wrote:
> Plug cable back in:
> daggar># fwohci0: BUS reset
> fwohci0: node_id=0xc800ffc1, gen=29, CYCLEMASTER mode
> fwohci0: SID Error

I don't compile firewire into kernel now.  I used to have this kind of
problem before, and nothing I could do about it.  Now I just kldload
firewire when I need it, and kldunload it when I don't need it.  If
this kind of problem occurs, just unload and reload the firwire
module.  Remember, unload other dependent kernel modules.

Typically I'll use

  > kldload /modules/firewire.ko
  > kldload /modules/sbp.ko

If want to unload them:

  > kldunload sbp.ko
  > kldunload firewire.ko

Hope this helps.



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