tcpslice out of date

Michael Sierchio kudzu at
Thu Oct 9 13:34:06 PDT 2003

Bruce A. Mah wrote:

> There's a newer (Y2K-compliant) version in ports (net/tcpslice).  I
> was talking with Bill Fenner (CC-ed) about the possibility of
> importing this newer version to the base system but I think both of us
> had too many other things to deal with.  :-p
> IMHO, we should either import a newer version to the base system or
> kill it altogether and rely on the one in ports.

There is some wisdom in not including it in the base system.  There's
way too much stuff there,  I'm of the "it should all be packages"

Is there any other set of executables that depends on libpcap?

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