upgrading 4.0 to stable

Cameron Murdoch cameron at macaroon.net
Thu Oct 2 19:08:34 PDT 2003

F. Even wrote:

>My problem being though is the box is about 60 mi. away and I have limited
>access to it.  I was hoping to be able to pull this off remotely....
>What I'm basically looking for is guidance on actually doing an upgrade.
>So...when I CVSup, what tags should I do?  Do there still exist tags for
>RELENG_4_0, or is the next step straight to RELENG_4_3?  Can I find the
>"UPDATING" document that everyone keeps mentioning on the website anywhere
>before I go grabbing source, etc.?  I'd really like to find some reading
>materials before I just dive into it...it just seems that the materials for
>this topic are a little scarce on the site.
The UPDATING file  changes frequently so you will not find it on the 
website as such, it is fetched with the source and contains any 
important gochta's, often  temporarily ones.

You can use CVSWeb to look  at it though:


Then pick a particular revision.

Also, the handbook walks you through the upgrade process at:


As to whether you need to jump straight to RELENG_4_3 or not is your 
decision, going to each release, (4.1 then 4.2) might be safer but it is 
going to take a long time.  As Doug suggested reinstalling might be less 
painful in the long run.

As this is a remote box you are going to have to be ultra careful.  You 
are *going* to need single user mode access to it if you want to upgrade it.



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