kernel panic on jailed sshd - 4.9-release

Kovács János kovacs.janos at
Tue Nov 11 23:43:22 PST 2003


> > It's well-known that NULLFS (as well as UNIONFS) are unstable
> > in FreeBSD 4.x and can cause crashes.

Hm. I use it since 4.4 without any problem (4-6 nullfs mounts, highly
web & db server, etc.)

> Kovacs, can you back track to a Sept 20th world/kernel to see if the
> problem persists there?
>  Basically, I'm curious as to on which
> date the problem starts, then we can see what got changed in CVS around
> that date that may have caused this ... it might be something really
> simple to fix ...

OK. I started to locate the last date working everything fine.


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