syscon cursor change in 4.9-STABLE?

Darren Henderson darren at
Sat Nov 1 18:28:47 PST 2003

Ok, potentially silly observation time - may just be a sign of my brain
ossifying ... have upgraded three systems to 4.9-STABLE with a cvsup from
10/31. Two from 4.9 pre-releases and one from 4.8-STABLE.

The cursor behavior in the console (and rxvt and xterm) seems to have
changed. I seem to recall it having always been a slow blinking block. Now
its a non-blinking block. Can't seem to get it to go back to what I
remember. vidcontrol -c blink causes to the cursor to blink in syscons but
at a very rapid rate. Not sure I see how the behavior of syscons and the X
terminals could be related.

Only things in rc.conf are 'saver="warp"', 'blanktime="300"' and

So, on the basis of this, am I imagining things?

Everything else seems fine (with one exception, installing via an NFS
mount of /usr/src with values for SENDMAIL_MC and SENDMAIL_SUBMIT_MC set
in /etc/make.conf causes installworld to fail while installing
complaining about the file not being found even though it is present but
that is a different story).


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