portupgrade issue

Joe Kelsey joe at zircon.seattle.wa.us
Wed May 28 17:51:35 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 01:02, Bruno Van Den Bossche wrote:
> On 26 May 2003 18:17:29 -0700
> Joe Kelsey <joe at zircon.seattle.wa.us> wrote:
> > I am running 4.8-STABLE.
> > I recently did a cvsup (repeatedly, most recently today).  Ever since,
> > portupgrade dies with the following messages:

It turns out that the culprit is my /usr/sup/refuse file.  I was
following the suggestion in the Handbook to have my refuse file include
the unnecessary languages.  However, this has the undesirable
interaction with portupgrade to cause the dreaded 'deorigin' error.

I removed my refuse file, reluctantly did a cvsup to download *all* of
the languages, even though I have no way to use or understand any of
them, and then I was able to resume using portupgrade.

Either someone should change the Handbook to make it clear that if you
follow the suggestion and actually *use* the suggested refuse file you
will then be unable to follow the other suggestion and ever use
portupgrade, or else fix portupgrade so that it does not dump it guts
out if a language dependency is missing.

Very frustrating and totally unnecessary.  Especially since I now have
to waste disk space on language ports.


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