need to know if there will be support ie. drivers for tekram ultra 4 wide scsi

Eriq Lamar eqe at
Wed May 28 15:58:27 PDT 2003

I'm building another server and must decide on scsi card the tekram DC-390U4W 
looks very promising to me but need to know if it will be supported or not in 
4.8 or 5.1. New server will be used of mysql / apache. any info or 
suggestions as to scsi cards would be great. thx in advance.


ps yes I did post this earlier but did not say which adaptor dc-390u4w seems 
to be new and not well known yet. but I do know dc-390u3 is a great peice of 
work and is supported. I guess the big question is will the powers at be make 
a driver for new adaptor or will old driver work.

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