IPv6 Resolver (or: Slow rendering of Webpages using Konqueror)

Mark.Andrews at isc.org Mark.Andrews at isc.org
Thu May 1 19:30:18 PDT 2003

> On 1 May 2003, Dan Pelleg wrote:
> > For me, running linux-mozilla under the Linux emulation "solved" the
> > problem. IIRC there was a discussion either here on on questions@ regarding
> > this a few months ago. I didn't follow the details, but I think the problem
> > was determined to be in libc.
> Okay, there are several things being mushed together here.  Let me see if 
> I can sort them out:
> 1) ad.doubleclick.net doesn't handle AAAA requests properly
> Solution: complain to ad.doubleclick.net
> 2) There is no global way to make IPv6 go away in kernel, world, and ports
> This seems to be a FreeBSD bug.  The intent with the ability to remove
> IPv6 from the kernel config and set ipv6_enable to no would seem to
> indicate that somebody wants to be able to shut off IPv6.  The fact that
> the resolver still executes an IPv6 request would appear to be breakage.

	This is under application control.   The newer API's also
	have flags to say look at what address families are configured
	and only return addresses in this family.  Note you may still
	want to make queries for the other family so you stop searching
	when either address is found.
> 3) Mozilla/Konquerer/whatever completely hangs during the timeout period 
> on the AAAA record request
> *Whose* bug is this?  Is this a FreeBSD bug or a Gecko bug?  Or both?  
> And, if it is a FreeBSD bug, where is the bug?  The main dns resolver or 
> the ports makefile?

	This requires having a thread safe resolver if they are
	using threads and/or using a resolver that is non blocking
	(e.g. returns a file descriptor or is polled for response)
	so that it can be intergrated into the event loop of the
	browser.  The application could also talk DNS directly.

> 4) How is anyone short of guru status supposed to connect "Mozilla chokes 
> on FreeBSD" with "the DoubleClick DNS server config is broken"?

	Well you wouldn't need to if people had actually followed the
	RFC's to start with.
> If this behavior is indeed deemed "not a bug", then some piece of
> prominent documentation needs to explain this for idiots like me.
> Have I missed anything?  I am asking these questions so that I can file 
> the appropriate bug reports.
> Thanks,
> -a
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