USB Serial devices appearing as ugen instead of ucom

Carl Makin carl at
Thu May 1 16:59:16 PDT 2003

Morning All,

I have a Keyspan USA-28X USB serial converter and a Telstra NT1 Plus II 
(OPEN Networks Ltd) ISDN modem with USB connection that should both 
appear as ucom devices (I think) but both appear as ugen instead.

They both get defined as serial devices using the manufacturer's device 
drivers on both MacOS X and Windows.

I've been through the USB code as much as I'm capable and I'm lost as to 
how to make these devices appear as ucom.  Trying to use the NT1 through 
the ugen device causes a kernel panic.

Can anyone supply any hints?

This is on FreeBSD 4.8-RC (the last one before the release).



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