'dual' hosting STABLE and CURRENT ?

Gerhard Sittig Gerhard.Sittig at gmx.net
Thu May 1 03:19:06 PDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 21:29 -0600, Stacy Millions wrote:
> I can vouche for STABLE being able to build CURRENT. I installed CURRENT 
> into a spare partition by cvsuping the source into /usr/current, doing
> a build world and build kernel, mounting the CURRENT file systems under
> /current and then doing make install DESTDIR=/current (and same for
> installing the kernel of course). Had a few missing files even after
> doing a mergemaster, but it did work.

Maybe 'man 8 jail' can help you here.  I think setting up a jail
and installing to a mounted disk of a different machine or for dual
booting is rather similar.

You might have missed the 'make -C etc distribution DESTDIR=$D'
step while mergemaster relies on etc being populated already.

FYI:  When _updating_ a jail one has to replace the 'make -C etc
distribution' step with a 'mergemaster -D $D' run.  Following the
setup instructions a second time will clobber your configuration.

And since we are at it:  the "P4 world on a PIII machine" problem
could have been resolved this way, too -- by mounting the disk
in a build machine and installing world with the DESTDIR variable
onto it to put the disk back afterwards into the PIII.

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