Installation problems with config>

taxman taxman at
Sun Mar 30 13:46:16 PST 2003

On Sunday 30 March 2003 02:10 pm, Lucas Reddinger wrote:
> To start off, I'm unsure what the stable tag is, but I'm assuming you're
> still in RC2.
> I recently grabbed RC2 (last night to be specific). I have tried it both
> from an FTP ISO that was burned a couple weeks ago, and by downloading the
> latest RC2 code via FTP directly.
> Installation went fine, but upon booting my system, I had to do some
> runtime config to get it booted (this is normal). However, when I got to

what do you normally have to configure?  This could help in figuring out the 
issue.  Do you then build a custom kernel to avoid doing that every time?  
What do you do change there?

> the config prompt, the prompt would repeat and completely cover my whole
> screen, and it would keep echoing. I tried installing from FTP repeatedly
> last night, and the same thing would happen. Because of this, I could not
> get the system booted, and thus cannot provide you with any firther
> information.

sure you can, if you got RC1 installed, can you show us the output of dmesg?
if you don't have it installed anymore, then try installing 4.7-release and 
then copy down the output of dmesg from there

> I did install RC1 successfully, though, and it all works great (and config
> prompt does not take over my screen.)
> It is just me, or did something break?

well if RC1 installed, RC2 dosn't and you didn't change anything else, then 
maybe something broke.


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