Weird messages

Peter Wemm peter at
Fri Mar 28 22:20:35 PST 2003

I can probably fix what is going on, but I need a good before-and-after
example of how it got mangled.

Can somebody who is posting to the lists and is their posts munched
explicitly CC: (peter at on a post?  I can then see what Mailman is
objecting to about the original message formatting and why it is feeling
the compulsion to "clean" it.

I need to be on the CC: line.   Not Bcc:'ed and not forwarded.  I'll then
look up the mangled version on the archive.

Also, up until a few hours ago, all posts were being filtered through
spamassassin.  It has had a nasty habit of tweaking things too.  Now, we're
using spamc to test messages and then forwarding the clean original
untouched messages ones to the list *without* any spamassassin headers.

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