Mbuf Clusters on 4.8

John Bäckstrand sandos at home.se
Fri Jun 27 04:46:49 PDT 2003

> > From this it sounds as it is a problem that should
> > fixed, but it
> > obviously isnt in 4.8. Is this behaviour now
> > acceptable? And if
> > so, doesnt this make FreeBSD extremely easy to kill
> > using a simple
> > DOS-attack? Is this "fixed" in any way on 5.1?
> Afaik, this bug was recently fixed in both of HEAD
> Eugene

Indeed, I upgraded my system and it now works as
advertised: If I use up too much resources, netowork
connectivity is lost, but once I disconnect those
connections, it comes back. (it even stops responding
to pings =)

John Bäckstrand

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