lsof builds but doesn't run under 4-STABLE

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Tue Jun 24 04:33:12 PDT 2003

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Subject: lsof builds but doesn't run under 4-STABLE

> Hi,
> I noticed this today. If I build lsof on my 4-STABLE box, then it
> doesn't run:
> boojum# lsof
> lsof: PID 0, no file * space
> If I build the lsof binary under 4.8-STABLE, then it runs fine under
> 4.8-STABLE and 4-STABLE.
> Upon investigation it appears that the variable fd in the file dproc.c
> is being used uninitialized in gather_proc_info(). The problem seems to
> be related to some changes to struct filedesc
> (/usr/include/sys/filedesc.c) from some recent commits to the RELENG_4
> branch on /usr/src/sys/sys/filedesc.c... Anyone care to investigate
> further?

Kernel structures tend to change from time to time on the RELENG_4 branch,
and because lsof is built against your current /usr/src/sys, it is most
likely using different structures than your running kernel.

To fix:

1) Reboot with a kernel built from the same sources that lsof was built

2) CVSup your src to the same date your running kernel was built, then
   recompile lsof.


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