Intel 875P/ICH5 motherboard chipset

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Thu Jul 31 13:59:57 PDT 2003

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> Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:23:12 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Dan Strick <strick at>
> Subject: Intel 875P/ICH5 motherboard chipset
> Does anyone know if support for the Intel 875P/ICH5 motherboard chipset
> has yet made it into the stable branch?  (Is release 4.9 likely to have
> it?)  I am mainly interested in the IDE and "native" serial ATA devices.
> There is also a new Intel ethernet controller chip, 82547EI, that is
> designed to interface directly with the 875P chip.  The currently
> supported chip list only goes up to the 82546.
> Is there a current version of the supported hardware notes for the
> freebsd-stable branch?

Funny you should ask.  Last weekend I obtained a Gigabyte GA-8IK1100
motherboard with an 875P/ICH5 combo.  A number of devices didn't
work on 5.1-RELEASE.

The devices which didn't work are the Intel Ethernet, SMBus, audio,
and USB 2.0 controllers, and the Realtek ALC655 codec.  I managed to
get all of these working execpt the USB controller by doing some
easy hacks to the source (not bad for my first shot at FreeBSD
kernel code).

There are various PRs for these issues, including:

	kern/52927	Ethernet controller
	kern/54176	Audio and ALC655
	kern/55094	USB 2.0 controller

I submitted a bug for the SMBus controller last night (before the
USB 2.0 one listed above), but it seems a PR still hasn't been
assigned.  I hope I didn't accidentally cancel my send-pr submission.

If you'd like my patches for all of these (except the USB 2.0 one,
which doesn't work and I think might be totally wrong), just let
me know.  You'll probably have to stitch them into the source by
hand unless you're running 5.1-RELEASE, but at least they'll be
a reference to work from.


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