Via EPIA Mini-ITX motherboard

Barry Pederson bp at
Mon Jul 21 20:30:24 PDT 2003

Charles Sprickman wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Rudolph Pereira wrote:
>>Just to drag this thread on a bit further ...
>>I've been looking into these little boxes, thinking I could use one as a
>>firewall/gateway. My one requirement is that it would need to have two
>>PCI slots (one can be low-profile), and although I've seen PCI riser
>>cards that can give me two slots, they've been rare,

> No, but if you find something, please post!  I've been searching for
> something that is nice and small yet has more power than say a Soekris box
> and can handle more than one or two ethernet cards. 

Another way to go is stick a multi-port ethernet card in the mini-itx's 
single PCI slot.  You can find dual Intel Pro/100 cards on eBay for 
around $30 - I've got one stuck into an EPIA board running FreeBSD 4.8, 
runs great as a firewall.  Just have to make sure your case can take a 
regular-sized PCI card, and not just the low-profiles ones.


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