LH3 SMP hangs for no apparent reason

Rick Updegrove freebsdstable at updegrove.net
Mon Jul 21 17:49:48 PDT 2003


I have been having a fairly serious problem with an HP Netserver LH3 
that seems to hang for no apparent reason.  This happens when the 
machine is under load and it also happens when it is simply idle.  When 
this "hang" occurs I can no longer SSH to the box.  I can ping it and 
port scan it and it appears to be "alive" but it won't load web pages or 
process mail etc.  When I physically access the box there are NO error 
messages, warnings or anything on the monitor and when I attempt to log 
on, I enter any username or root and hit enter and it just sits there 
forever.  I try Ctrl + ALT + F2  and I have the same problem on another tty.

When I power off and then log on, I am unable to find any evidence of 
what is causing this problem in any system logs.

I am wondering if is because I uncomment the 2 lines needed for SMP 
support, and rebuilt 4.8-STABLE FreeBSD and boot to that kernel.  I do 
this because I would like to use both CPUs.  I suppose I could do that 
and then run it and see if that is in fact the cause but that would not 
really get me any close to using both CPUs which is of course my 
ultimate goal.

I am about out of ideas here, what should I do first?


Rick Up

P.S.  Some hopefully useful info can be found here:

dmesg @

SMP kernel config file @

var/log/messages @

I am running qmail + vpopmail + procmail   under a very light load 1000 
messages per 24 hours right now and apache with almost no load at all, 
just me reading documentation etc.

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