Running ethereal on FBSD

Paul Civati paul at
Sun Jul 13 16:46:47 PDT 2003

In article <20030713180605.Y98302 at>,
	david.fleck at (David Fleck) writes:

> When I try to find out what interfaces it can capture data from, I get
> this:
> dcf>$ tethereal -D
> tethereal: There are no interfaces on which a capture can be done
> I've tried as root, same response.

You will need to do this as root, what does -D actually do?

> Now, the network's up and running when I do this- as far as I know, the
> interfaces are configured and running properly.  There's obviously some
> basic thing I'm missing here, but I've gone through the man page and the
> Users' Guide and am still at a loss.
> Why can't I do a capture from my ethernet card (using dc0 as the
> interface)? What can I do about it?

You need bpf device to capture packets from ethernet interfaces,
do you have bpf in your kernel?  Try with tcpdump, if that works
then ethereal should do (I'm guessing it uses libpcap/bpf).


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