/var error

Southo keith at southo.net
Wed Jul 9 11:35:32 PDT 2003

If you just cleaned out /var try creating a small file to re-sync the
filesystem. I've had a similar issue in the past after freeing up space.

Keith Baldwin

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bodo ah wrote:
> Hello there,
> I have some problem with my filesystem.
> #df -h
> ...
> /dev/da0s1e   288M   265M -208.0K   100%    /var
> ...
> #du -h /var
> ..
>  19M    /var
> ..
> Does anybody has an idea what Im supposed to do?

you might try dropping into single user mode and then unmounting the
volume and running fsck against it.
kill 1
umount /var
fsck /var

200 some odd megs is a fair amount to go missing.

good luck.
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