writing CD

Zoran Kolic kolicz at eunet.yu
Fri Jul 4 08:25:59 PDT 2003

   Dear List!
   Using every successive isue,
I have the same trouble: to write
a simple CD. My writer is TEAC
W540E, last rel. 5_1. Hardware
is healty, cause on the same hdd
I have obsolette RedHat 7.3 that
writes perfect. I use scsi-emulation
via camcontrol and cdrecord. So,
I make iso image, put everything
in a command line as I always do,
and on freeBSD cannot be sure,
that the result will be correct. It
writes, ejects and... Many times
simple mount command fires lamp
on a cd-drive, it blinks, blinks...
and system goes down. On linux
I even didn't change configure
file in /etc/defaults. On freeBSD
cdrecord knows what is a writer,
uses mmc_cdr driver and makes
bad CD at all.
   Never heard that some of you
on the list has even mention, that
has problem with writing CDs. It
must be something like improper
flag, bad os copy... For instance,
it works perfect on linux:

mkisofs -allow-multidot -allow-lowercase -l -r -J -iso-level 3\
-relaxed-filenames -C xx -M 0,1,0 etc


cdrecord -multi speed=x dev=0,1,0 -data -eject letter.iso

   Why new version (2) of cdrtools
makes all od this on my machine?
"cdda2wav is even worse. It doesn't
support -t (lone track), -B (make every
track separate). When started, cannot
be stopped. I have to make reset (I
could not remember, when I had to
do it last time).
   Some cartoon hero would cry "help".
Linux will make it untill I hear your opinion.


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