RELENG_4 buildworld fails in colldef

Doug Barton DougB at
Wed Jul 2 16:29:39 PDT 2003

Very shortly after starting the buildworld, it fails in colldef:

===> usr.bin/colldef
/usr/obj/home/src/i386/home/src/usr.bin/colldef created for
yacc -d /home/src/usr.bin/colldef/parse.y
cp parse.c
lex -t -8 -i /home/src/usr.bin/colldef/scan.l > scan.c
rm -f .depend
mkdep -f .depend -a    -I. -I/home/src/usr.bin/colldef
-I/home/src/usr.bin/colldef/../../lib/libc/locale -DCOLLATE_DEBUG
-DYY_NO_UNPUT -D__FBSDID=__RCSID  parse.c scan.c
/home/src/usr.bin/colldef/parse.y:32: arpa/inet.h: No such file or
mkdep: compile failed
*** Error code 1

I looked in /usr/obj/home/src/i386/usr/include/arpa/ and indeed, inet.h
is not there, but I can't figure out why.

This is starting with a clean obj directory, and nothing fancier than
'make -DNOCLEAN buildworld'.



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