4.9R bug fix ?

Nick H. nickh at supportteam.net
Wed Jul 2 13:00:20 PDT 2003

phpsysinfo is broken on 5.X but not on 4.X.  I have tried it on 4.6.2, 4.7,
4.8 and it works fine, but on all my 5.0-CURRENT, 5.0-RELEASE and
5.1-RELEASE it's broken and shows no network traffic, just a bunch of
errors.  I always figured I'd just blame the maker of the script.. ;D

Nick H.
Network Operations Center
nickh at supportteam.net

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: Oldach, Helge said:
: >
: > But unfortunately it breaks code that parses the output of netstat and
: > relies on a fixed format, for instance phpsysinfo. I would suggest to
: > re-work the patch and turn "vlan10" into "vla10" to maintain the
: > format.
: Although phpsysinfo is broken on freebsd 5.x already. It's network
: counters don't work and show odd values (at least on the last version I
: tried which was about 2 months ago). I do not have any 4.x boxes to check
: but I assume that the netstat output is different already between these
: two.
: Matt.
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