Ok, are all the panics fixed now?

Dave Dolson ddolson at sandvine.com
Thu Aug 28 10:36:57 PDT 2003

> From: Tor Egge [mailto:Tor.Egge at cvsup.no.freebsd.org]
> The main problem here is that we've got code running without 
> splvm() protection
> that depends on PMAP1 being unchanged at the same time as we 
> have interrupts
> changing PMAP1.

These comments seem to pertain to UP code.  Was it fixed for SMP also?

> Without the PAE MFC patch, the interrupt would change PMAP1 
> while the functions
> accessing page tables without splvm() protection would use 
> the per-vmspace
> APTpde/APTmap.

Can you please clarify which files/versions contain the bug and the fix.

David Dolson (ddolson at sandvine.com, www.sandvine.com)

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