Question about Sec. Adv. FreeBSD-SA-03:11.sendmail

James Long james_mapson at
Tue Aug 26 10:03:28 PDT 2003

The advisory states that the problem was fixed on 8/25 approx.
22:35.  The security also states that the problem afflicts
sendmail 8.12.0 through 8.12.8.  However, I have a system
which had its world built on April 9, 2003, and it is running
sendmail 8.12.9, according to the 220 banner it gives when I
telnet into port 25.

So I'm conffused as to why sendmail would need to be patched
on 8/25 when 8.12.9 has been in the base distribution since 

Thanks for shedding some light,


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