rl(4) is broken in STABLE

Marco Trentini mark at remotelab.org
Tue Aug 19 14:28:08 PDT 2003

>>>Revisions of src/sys/pci/if_rl.c
>>>(and corresponding of src/sys/pci/if_rlreg.h) broke rl(4)
>>>at least for D-Link DFE 530TX+ 10/100BaseTX.
>>>I've sent PR an hour ago but still did not get its number.
> You are SO FIRED!
>>>Meantime I've rolled back these revisions, rebuilt kernel
>>>and my NICs work again.
> Aw come on guys! Give me a hint here! I can't even find this
> mysterious PR that was allegedly filed! Since you don't know the number,
> how about just giving me the information directly? Are you going to
> describe the failure to me at all or am I supposed to hack into the
> orbital mind control lasers or something? Did you run tcpdump on it
> to see if it's receiving/sending traffic (tcpdump -n -e -i rl0)?
> Does it have a link (ifconfig rl0)? Is it not being detected at
> all!?
>>I have the same problem with a D-link DFE-528TX (same chipset of 
>>the 530TX+) and a RTL 8139D (STABLE of the 17 Aug).
> The _same_ problem!? He didn't even describe what the problem was!
> If you don't tell me how it's broken, I can't tell you how to fix
> it. :(

I'm sorry. After to have build the stable of the 17 Aug, my RTL 
8139D (device rl0) stopped working. The card is correctly 
recognized at boot (as rl0) and its status (in ifconfig) is 
active, but it doesn't receive/transmit data. I also have tried 
to change the card with a D-link DFE-528TX (same chipset of
the 530TX+) but the result is the same.
However I have noted which on another machine with the same card 
and freebsd stable at 14 Aug all works very wheel.

Now I have ran cvsup for recover the source of the 13 Aug and try 
again but that machine is not a potency :)

Sorry for my poor English.

Marco Trentini                mark at remotelab.org

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