[releng_4 tinderbox] failure on alpha/alpha

pan pan at syix.com
Sun Aug 17 00:28:03 PDT 2003

>You're entitled to your opinion, but since you've never had to deal
>with the flood of support requests when INDEX builds were broken by
>careless committers before I started the automated tinderbox, I'd
>suggest you try to consider it from point of view of those of us who
>are actually involved in the support of the OS.


If anyone is collecting opinions ...

I can see the value of these tinderbox messages, but ...
Could they please be posted to a list that users could choose
to monitor?
There are some of us who use a very low bandwidth connection
to read what we need to from the freebsd lists. What with the
spam load that filters through, receiving extra and continual
tinderbox messages of low utility is taxing.
Is there anything wrong with using tinderbox at freebsd.org?
What was the thinking behind deciding to post these messages
to stable?


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