kern/55094: Intel USB 2.0 unrecognized (partial patch provided)

Brent Casavant b.j.casavant at
Fri Aug 8 20:27:36 PDT 2003


Sorry for the incredibly late response.  General busyness you know.

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Craig Boston wrote:

> If it's the USB 2.0 controller that's isn't being detected, shouldn't ehci by
> patched instead of uhci...?  You may want to give the attached, completely
> untested, patch a try.  I.e. it compiles on my box, but I don't have any
> hardware to actually test it on yet.  Might theoretically work depending on
> how closely Intel followed the EHCI spec.  Note that the patch includes
> entries for both the DB and EB variants of the chip.

You are of course correct sir.  See below.

> I'm not sure why the code to pick up generic EHCI devices didn't find it
> though.

Ignorance mostly.  This being the first machine I've ever had with USB
on it, I wasn't aware that USB 2.0 was handled by EHCI instead of the
OHCI or UHCI drivers (EHCI doesn't appear in the NOTES file and I
didn't think to make LINT until just a few minutes ago).  Once I
configured EHCI into the kernel all was well, and with your patch
it works swimmingly since it's even identified precisely.

So I for one can confirm that the patch you gave does indeed work.
Now if only I had the cash to buy a USB device to plug into the PC...

Brent Casavant

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