hung processes in STABLE

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Wed Aug 6 19:22:40 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 10:54, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> For the past three weeks (this is really a guess as I just noticed it
> last week) I have been seeing many processes started in terminal
> windows that are no longer in existence. They were started using
> something like:
> gnome-terminal -x -wr
> where is a simple Perl script that prints a text file and
> periodically updates it by clearing the screen and re-writing the file
> to get the latest data.
> When the terminal session is terminated (by logging out of the
> session), the Perl process is left running in an IWs+ state and
> it can't be killed. This did not happen in the past. It slowly eats up
> resources, especially pseudo-terminals.
> Any idea what might be causing this?

I'm seeing this on -STABLE, too.  Try rebuilding vte and gnometerminal. 
I tend to thing there might have been some change on -STABLE that may
have triggered this.  I'm not seeing the same behavior on -CURRENT with
the same versions of vte and gnometerminal, though I just set up that
machine, so all binaries have been recently compiled.


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