More mount_smbfs

Peter Radcliffe pir at
Wed Aug 6 15:48:11 PDT 2003

Brandon Fosdick <brandon.h.fosdick at> probably said:
> I can get everything to work expect for the password part. With this in 
> /etc/fstab
> //bfosdick at /sp/net-11      smbfs   rw      0      0
> and this in /etc/nsmb.conf
> []
> addr=
> workgroup=acct01
> password=<secret>
> If I do 'mount /sp/net-11' it asks me for my password instead of looking 
> in the config file.

With this in /etc/fstab;

//pir at rock/pir/ /mount/point smbfs rw,noauto,nodev,nosuid,-N,-I=rock.domain 0 0

and this in /etc/nsmb.conf;


it works fine for me. I use /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ to do the
actual mounting which might not be needed anymore.

The thing in the square brackets should be the server name and username.


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