multiple IOxAPIC on 4.7 with Intel P64H2

Luoqi Chen lchen at
Wed Aug 6 11:36:52 PDT 2003

> I have a multi-port PCI-X card that is causing
> me some grief.
> An older version of the system bios allowed this to
> work correctly, and the on-board devices to work
> correctly.
> the newer system bios has fixed a 'bug' where the
> interrupts were routed incorrectly according to the
> PCI bridge specification.
> The system vendor indicates that I am likely missing
> the support for multiple IOxAPIC, in particular,
> not supporting the ones in the P64H2 hub. I know
> that FreeBSD is using the IOxAPIC in the ICH-3 correctly.
> Can someone suggestion if -stable supports this configuration?
> I can't get to the point of running 'mptable' since 
> the system won't come up: i get IRQ timeouts on the scsi
> device.
> I have a 2x XEON system with ICH-3, e7501, and P64H2.
> It appears there are two IO APIC in the ICH-3, and two
> in the P64H2.
> --don
We support multiple IO APICs in -stable. I have systems with
a total of 7 IO APICs running happily under -stable. BTW,
there should be only one IO APIC in a ICH3-S, and two for
each P64H2.


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