wi0 Crashes and timeouts

Marcos - ThePacific.net marcos at thepacific.net
Mon Aug 4 18:57:17 PDT 2003

Hi There .
Iam runnig a Freebsd5.0 Access Point with a  PCMCIA card PRISM 2.5  
chipset 200mw , I have got 32 clients on it but is not working fine, 
keep crashing and  I have lot wi0: timesouts on the screen.
I was using with same computer other prism card but prism2 and that card 
work very well but with a lot lower power and more noise because I need 
use an Ampl.
With The prism2.5 the Access point work so good , we have customers 
close of 27km, until the wireless card crash and I need restart it . at 
this moment I tried with the firmaware 1.4.9 and 1.5.6, I didn't tried 
yet with the 1.7.4
path, firmaware?????
any idea??

Marcos Biscaysaqu

Systems Administrator
ThePacific.Net Ltd.

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