blackmail attempt? Stable mailing list block?

Wes Peters wes at
Tue Apr 29 00:35:50 PDT 2003

On Saturday 26 April 2003 11:20, Mike Harding wrote:
> I'll drop the thread now, but 2 things:
> - somebody 'rejected' my mail in a completely incompetent manner which
>   made me think that the mail was rejected by stable at,
>   which is was not... note that the return path is <stable at>
>   which is going to cause problems.
> - Blars had nothing to do with this, as far as I can tell.

Blars RBL is a crock, and his charges for getting off the list ludicrous.  
I'm completely happy cutting off anyone who uses the blars list on the 
grounds they're either too clueless or too lost to be of any use.  My 
email has been bounced twice in the past week by blars and it's the only 
complaint I've ever seen against, plus I have no way to get the 
jackass to test it other than by sending him enough money to buy a 
(small, used) car.  Yeah, that's realistic.


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