blackmail attempt? Stable mailing list block?

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Sat Apr 26 07:59:30 PDT 2003

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 16:27, Mike Harding wrote:
> "If you would like a site be added or removed from BlarsBL, you may hire
> Blars at his normal consulting rates (currently $250/hour, 2 hour
> minimum, $1000 deposit due in advance for non-established customers)
> to investigate your evidence about the site. If it is found that the
> entry was a mistake, no charge will be made and the entire deposit
> will be refunded. Send Blars email from a non-listed account to verify
> current rates and arrange payment."
> (Further research indicates that blars may be legit, but this is kind
> of sleazy)

Pretty slimy :(

> The 'rejection' text appears as follows:
> Your message with the subject &
> "'last' working OK for everybody on 4-STABLE?" addressed to
> "stable at" <stable at> was rejected by a open relay
> due to smtp server is listed at smtp server is listed
> at smtp server is listed at
I got this too when I sent a message about firewire. I tried sending via my 
work and home systems using an ssh tunnel, but both produced this response.

I am very confident both systems are not open relays too..

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