Mergemaster Request (RE: mergemaster tips)

Marc Schneiders marc at
Sun Apr 20 18:55:07 PDT 2003

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> Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2003 4:51 PM

> On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Marc Schneiders wrote:

> > I thought this was clever, but I now see this isn't good enough. I do
> > not want to get an archive, in addition to normal backups, of a
> > complete 10 MB /etc directory each time I upgrade.
> 10 megs!?! Holy code bloat Batman! What the heck do you have in there?
> Mine is only 1.3 megs, and that's just because I'm a bit sloppy about
> having extra rcNG stuff lying around.

Maybe I am sloppy too. /etc/mail is 7 MB. I do a bit of spam fighting
and the access database is getting bigger and bigger.

> > So here is the feature request: Is it possible to have a new option in
> > mergemaster:
> >
> > -b (path)	Make a backup of every file that mergemaster
> > 		overwrites, whether on user input or automatically.
> > 		Mergemaster writes the files in a directory with a
> > 		timestamp name (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS) under the path
> > 		indicated.
> >
> > This would give us an archive of the config changes on the machine.
> Very interesting idea. Try the attached patch and let me know what you
> think. I used -P for "preserve," because I like the semantics better.
> This
> is all subject to change since I just whipped this up, but it should be
> enough for you to play with.

For some weird reason, I did not get your message, but saw only a
reply to it. So I don't have the patch :-( And in the archive at the attachment looks like a weird patch (to me,


Maybe a retry will help?

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