4.8 buildworld compilation problem: kdump

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at attbi.com
Fri Apr 18 15:52:27 PDT 2003

On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 03:16:52PM -0400, taxman wrote:
> On Friday 18 April 2003 01:42 pm, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a 4.7-RELEASE system.
> If you're going release to release, usually might as well ask on -questions 
> instead of -stable.
> Good thing you included your supfile. I think that narrowed it down.  You've 
> got an extra line in it:
> > I used the following cvsupfile to update my system:
> >
> > *default  host=cvsup2.FreeBSD.org
> > *default  base=/usr
> > *default  prefix=/usr
> > *default  release=cvs
> > *default  tag=RELENG_4_8
> > *default  delete use-rel-suffix
> >
> > src-all
> here's the extra line:
> > *default tag=.
> This defines a second tag and . is -current so my guess is that overode your 
> first tag and got you -current sources.  I can't verify that by looking at 
> your build error but others might be able to.  Try deleting that last line, 
> cvsupping, and run buildworld again.

I don't think that extra tag does anything (it would only affect targets
that came after that line).  However, I removed that line from the
file and cvsup'd again.  cvsup did not update any files in my tree,
so I believe I have a valid RELENG_4_8 tree.

I did a subsequent make buildworld, and had the same problems with

Craig Rodrigues        
rodrigc at attbi.com

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