2 questions...

Jd jd at jackdan.net
Sun Apr 13 19:11:37 PDT 2003

I know this is a freeBSD mailing list, but I didn't know where else to 
ask this question.  I've recently switch to FreeBSD 4.8 (great OS btw), 
and I've been so pleasantly surprised that i'm now planning to switch 
over my dad's firm over to freeBSD.  There computers/software are 
rapidly getting old and obselete, and microsoft's price/security 
is...well expensive/crap.  I can pretty much convert everything they do 
there to freeBSD without a problem. 

There is only 1 thing I'm not sure how to do, and this is my question.  
The employees have to fill out forms for the clients.  Now these forms, 
when printed, must look exactly like predefined government forms (yes 
it's all legal).  Also, since it's the government, and they need to 
justify a few salaries, they change the forms every now and then.  I was 
wondering if anyone knows of a project that already exists to 
create/fillout forms like this, or if not an existing project, maybe 
just a library, a module, a something where I could start reading.  
Basically I want to create legal like forms to fill out for clients.

On a more BSD question, with freeBSd 4.8 release, does anyone else get 
an error after installing mozilla (no running window found)? If so any 
workarounds?  Yes I updated my port tree.

Thanks in advance,


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