4.8-RELEASE status

cas xcas at cox.net
Wed Apr 2 18:39:52 PST 2003

> From: "Bruce A. Mah" <bmah at freebsd.org>
> Date: 2003/04/02 Wed PM 07:23:25 EST
> To: freebsd-stable at freebsd.org
> Subject: 4.8-RELEASE status
> Hi--
> A number of you have been (rightfully) wondering what's up with
> the i386 4.8-RELEASE.  Here's the current state:
> The files that are as of this moment tagged as RELENG_4_8_0_RELEASE
> can't be used to build a release because the MFSROOT kernel (that goes
> on the kern.flp) overflows a the size of a 1440K floppy disk.
> This bug was masked by another problem that happened to be present on
> the machines used by the RE team to build releases...namely, that they
> didn't have the cvsroot-all collection in their local repositories.
> To make a long story short, the $FreeBSD$ tags didn't get expanded in
> the source files, thus (I am not making this up) causing the MFSROOT
> kernel to be just a *little* bit smaller so that it could fit on a
> floppy.  I think this was the world's April Fool's joke to the RE
> team.
> We're currently trying to fix this by finding some other driver we can
> move to a module on the mfsroot.flp image (or maybe just eliminate).
> After we finish some tests, we'll need to commit whatever change is
> required, re-tag the affected files, and then rebuild the base system.
> I'm not in a position to comment on a timeline for these happenings.
> Thanks for your continued patience!
> Bruce.
> PS.  This may sound rude, for which I apologize in advance:  The less
> time that the RE team has to spend replying to various emails
> (particularly those that are not relevant to the immediate goal of
> shipping 4.8-RELEASE), the faster the release is probably going to be
> finished.

Are you guys aware of a perl bug in 'sockstat' in 4.8? It appears when you have 'kern.ps_showallprocs=0' set..

when a user uses 'sockstat' it spits out..
cas:~$ sockstat
cas      sshd      2664    4 tcp4   ip#hidden:22      ip#hidden:1977    


USER     COMMAND    PID   FD PROTO  ADDRESS                                    
Use of uninitialized value in printf at /usr/bin/sockstat line 141.
cas      sshd      2664    3 stream                                            
cas      sshd      2664    7 stream /tmp/ssh-T72DDMfh/agent.2664

it can be fixed by changing line 143 of '/usr/src/usr.bin/sockstat/sockstat.pl'..

-	       $nsd->[8] || ($fsd->[8] ? $endpoint{$fsd->[8]} : "(none)"));
+	       $nsd->[8] || ($fsd->[8] && $endpoint{$fsd->[8]} ? $endpoint{$fsd->[8]} : "(none)"));
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